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Fishing Reports and Pictures:

May 14, 2011

Our Bull Red/Shark trips have been consistent with most of the reds averaging in the 25-30lb range and the sharks as big as 80lbs.  Ling have also started to show up around the nearshore bouys.

red fish 


May 1, 2011

Well, the wind has been blowing hard for almost a month now, thankfully we have been able to still get out and catch sharks and bull reds on our nearshore trips.  Snapper season is set and we are now booking dates in June and July for those trips.  This year should be a stellar year for snapper picking up where we left off last October/November.

April 15th, 2011

Congradulations to AMBUSH for placing in the following spots in the Wicked Winter Tournament:

2nd Place Overall

1st Place Yellowfin Tuna

2nd Place Swordfish

It was a great tournament and great win for AMBUSH.  Check out the AMBUSH charters home page on the above link and see some of the pictures of the winning fish.

April 1, 2011

Nearshore fishing is starting to turn on with big sharks and bullreds showing up along the beach front.  When the weather allows our deep sea trips have been excellent as well bringing in limits of Amberjack, lots of Vermillion snapper and other assorted species.

January 1, 2011:

Tuna fishing has been outstanding when the weather windows allow us to get out.  We can usually catch a small weather window in between cold fronts and during the correct moon phase the action has been hot.  Lots of yellowfin tuna and the average size has been close to the 100lb mark.  Here is a link for a video from one of the tuna trips. 


Wahoo have started showing up in good numbers at the Gardens and usually will stay until around mid March or so.  They have been averaging in the 50lb range.

Limit of Tunas New Year Wahoo



October 1, 2010:

Red Snapper Season reopened with a bang, easy limits of big snapper, and other assorted species of fish.  

Bull Red and Shark trips have been good as of late catching limits of both and double digit days are not uncommon.

We've made a few overnight tuna trips in the last few weeks, and the yellowfin's are starting to show up. 

When the weather permits, we have been catching easy limits of Amberjacks, Kings, Ling and big black tip sharks out at the deep water rock formations.

October Snapper Fishing

Big Red Snapper  OctSnapper

October Snapper 3   October Snapper 2

Kingfish DoDo   October Snapper 3

Bull Reds and Sharks!

Bull Reds   Bull Red and Shark

300lb Mako caught on an overnight tuna trip!


Fishing has been absolutely great this summer with easy limits of snapper and kings.  We were able to pick up a few ling on each trip and we even had a few trips where the customers limited out on them.  Black tip sharks have averaging around 80lbs each.  On the bluewater trips limits of Amberjack have come easily as well.  Tuna trips have been insane as always with bringing back enough tuna to almost sink the boat.  We had an estimated 350lb Mako shark hooked up on one of our tuna trips that came unbuttoned at the boat after a 1 hour battle, but the customer was still excited with all the aerial acrobatics of such a large fish.  Enjoy some of the pictures.

Full Day offshore Summer Trips, lots Snapper, Kings, Ling, Sharks and Amberjacks!



Lots of Mangrove Snapper!


Bluewater Trip with limits of Kingfish, Amberjack, Snapper, Ling and a few Mahi Mahi thown in.  Chase Hulmes and Father with 500lbs of fish and 3 tourny winning fish!



Smallest Red Snapper 20lbs!





Summer time Tuna Trips

7 9 10

11  13

Blue Water Trips with Ling, Amberjack, Kingfish, and Snapper


Sharks and Kingfish behind the Shrimp Boats!

17  18


ling  Snap





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