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 Rates and Policies

Please note that all of of our trips require a $250 deposit to hold your date. 


 Full Day  

Half Day 4hrs

Redfish Bull Red, Shark, Tarpon Trips
$800 Full Day
Party: 1-4 ($75 per person additional up to a max of 6 per boat)
Species: Bull Reds, Sharks, Tarpon,
Range: Beach front
Season:Year Around
Bull Red, Shark, Tarpon Trips
Party: 4 or Less($75 per person additional up to a max of 6 per boat)
Species: Bull Reds, Sharks, Tarpon
Range: Beach front
Season:Year Around
 State Water State Water Trips
$800+ fuel
Party: 1-4 ($75 per person additional up to a max of 6 per boat)
Species: Bull Reds, Sharks, Kings, Ling, Tarpon, Snapper
Duration: 8 +/- Hours
Range: Within 9 Nautical Miles
offshore (State Waters)
Season:Year Around
 Full Day offshore

Full Day Offshore Trip
Weekday Price:
$925 + Fuel
Weekend Price:$1000 + Fuel (Fri- Sun)   Party: 1-4 ($75 per person additional up to a max of 6 per boat)
Species:Snapper, Kingfish, Ling, Dorado, Shark
Duration: 8 +/- hours
Range: 20 - 50 Miles
Season: Year Around


Blue Water Trip
$1150 + Fuel
Party:1-4 ($75 per person additional up to a max of 6 per boat)
Species:Tuna, Wahoo, Grouper, Amberjack, King, Ling, Dorado, Snapper, Shark, Billfish
Duration:10 +/- Hours
Range:50+ Miles
Season:Year Around

 Overnite Tuna

Overnight Tuna Trip
$2000 + Fuel
Party: 4 or Less
Species:Black Fin Tuna, Yellow fin Tuna, and other assorted species
Duration: 20+/- Hours
Range: 100+ Miles
Season: Year Around


Wahoo Trips January - March

Email for info and pricing




What we provide:

·          A courteous and qualified Captain

·          Deck hand if necessary

·          Clean, comfortable, and well maintained boats

·          Top of the line Tackle

·          All Bait necessary

·          Ice for your fish while on the boat

·          Fish cleaning and packaging is available

What our Guest provide:


·          Each guest must have a valid TX Fishing License with a Saltwater endorsement  

·          Lunch, Soft-drinks and water

·          Sunscreen and a hat

·          Light soled shoes *

·          Rain Gear…Never leave home without it.

·          A Camera with a flash

·          Ice chests, to take your catch home.

* Please note that Tennis shoes have a tendency to slip on wet decks. In the winter, we recommend rubber boots, they are usually slip resistant and will keep your feet dry.

Please do not bring the following:


·          Glass bottles

·          Firearms

·          Illegal substances. All trips will end immediately with no refund if illegal substances are found to be on the boat.


Call or email for a charter date availability at (832) 250-9484 or via email.

Liability Waiver
All passengers must sign a liability waiver prior to boarding the vessel.

Reservation Policy:

A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve your charter. We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover.

Click here to make a deposit:

Credit Card payment

If you prefer you may send your deposit via check or money order to:

Mailing Address:

Texas Offshore Adventures, LLC

PO Box 556
Conroe, TX 77305

The balance payment for the charter is due at the dock prior to sailing in the form of CASH. PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  If you would prefer you can pay the remainder of the trip by credit card the day prior to the charter.  Please note that credit card payment of trip will have a 3% convenience fee.

Cancellation policy:

A deposit of 250.00 dollars is needed to confirm a trip.
A deposit can be paid using credit card or by sending a check.
Deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits are good for 1 year from the date of your trip
Cancelled trips due to weather (in Texas Offshore Adventures sole discretion), can be rescheduled within 1 year.  Cancelled trips by the customer can be rescheduled for up to 1 year of the trip date.  Please keep in mind, we are not in the business of charging deposits, we are in the business of catching fish, however, it is often a difficult task to rebook a trip on short notice.

Once boat has left the dock, any customer request to return to dock for any reason will result in customer being charged in full for the trip that was scheduled.

Importance of Safety:
Fishing is our passion; but we always consider safety first. We will contact you in the event weather forces us to cancel. We always attempt to make this decision days in advance of a trip; but the Captain always reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time due to safety reasons.

15% Gratuity Is Customary & Appreciated
Our captains and deckhands work extremely hard before, during and after charters to provide our customers with the best possible Texas offshore fishing experience. Please reward our hard work with the gratuity that is customary to this industry. Thank You!

Fuel Charges

For all offshore fishing trips, the cost and amount of fuel needed will be determined by current prices and the distance traveled offshore.  The distance traveled offshore will vary depending on the time of the year and what we are fishing for. Our boats average about one mile per gallon. Please call for an estimate on fuel costs for your offshore fishing trip.

Call or email today to book your adventure!!

Texas Offshore Adventures, LLC
Fax 832-218-0805


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